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Articles about the Lobo Wing

A Labor of Love

If you live in the Albuquerque area and get the Albuquerque Journal you were, no doubt, surprised to see the Wednesday, January 3, 2018, issue with our AT-11 on the front page.

The article is titled ‘A labor of love’ was written by Rick Nathanson, Journal Staff Writer and photos taken by Greg Sorber/Journal. On Page 2 are photos of Sean McBride cleaning an engine exhaust baffle, Scott Ruyle sitting in the cockpit and a picture of the blue practice bombs.

That headline read ‘Lobo Wing restoring 1941 AT-11’. The article generated a lot of excitement for us bringing many visitors to the hangar on Saturdays. It’s an awesome feeling. Like we won the jackpot! We have been told this article has appeared in the Air Force Times and the US News and World Report. And, Julie Smith, our transplant to Wyoming found the article in the Jackson, Wyoming paper. If you have heard about any other sightings, let Scott Witschger, AT-11 Project Manager know.

Honoring the Lobo Wing

The Albuquerque Historical Society presented the Lobo Wing one of it’s first Historical Society Accolades. CAF Lobo Wing—Preserving a Piece of Albuquerque History.

The Accolade is a direct result of the Albuquerque Journal January 3, 2018 article, A Labor of Love by Rick Nathanson, on our on-going AT-11 restoration project. We are very honored to receive this Accolade.