Moriarty hangar

The Lobo Wing Restoration Facility is open!


New Hangar Construction Project

There’s always room for an extra pair of hands.

Join us in the fun!

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Getting ready to return to restoring aircraft!

We deliver our new compressor that will allow us to do all of that great sanding and painting on the AT-11!


The Interior Finishing Phase

After the exterior construction was complete we began the installation of the interior features such as heat, lights, a bathroom and a meeting room.

The final step is the installation of the remaining 52 feet of mezzanine. We quickly ran out of space to store all of our project’s parts and it became necessary to finish off this level sooner than we planned. You’ll notice there is a lot of standing around to discuss our next move!


This picture is of the installed hangar lights and the propane fueled radiant heaters.


Here are a few pictures of the construction of the walls on the meeting room. The bathroom (at the end) is coming along nicely. As you can see, the insulation is installed and some of the sheet rock has already been installed.


Here is master carpenter and mason Col. Reid Langerman continuing the installation of the fake brick on our memorial 12 o’clock high fireplace. His advice:  “Stay away from Z-brick!”


The Construction Phase!

The next two pictures show the beginning of the project as the foundation is completed.


Now the red steel goes up.


Next, the door was delivered and installed.


Now the insulation is installed and the sheeting goes up.


After the sheeting was completed the interior metal wall was installed.


And last the front apron was poured then the interior construction work began.